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Markuann Smith

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Markuann Anthony Smith is an African American actor and television producer. He is the creator (television), executive producer and plays a supporting role in the upcoming American crime drama television series, Godfather of Harlem, starring Forest Whitaker, set to premiere in 2019 on Epix. Markuann has been working in the entertainment industry for almost twenty years. While in high school, Markuann’s brother, Father MC, received a record deal with Uptown Records - one of the most popular Hip Hop and R&B labels in the early 1990’s - at the start of the New Jack Swing era. Smith began touring with his brother and was exposed to the likes of Tupac, Toni Tony Tone, Digital Underground and Boyz II Men to name a few. Markuann has always had a passion for acting. Through the years, he worked very hard and landed roles on the Chapelle Show, as well as films, such as Juice, Poetic Justice, Code Blue, and the award-winning short film A Good Day to Die.

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