Welcome to Apollo Talent Management Commercial Division

We work with a mix of talent from newborns to seniors and all body types to meet selective casting needs


• HEADSHOTS – You must have a current, commercial/smiling headshot as your main/default image on all casting websites, at all times. 

• LIFESTYLE IMAGES – You should also have a variety of lifestyle images on all profiles, including different wardrobe looks and at least one full-length image to show your body. 

• SNAPSHOTS – You should have snapshots on your casting profiles of any special skills that you can perform at an advanced level (i.e. horseback riding, yoga, dance, chef skills, clowning, etc.). These do not need to be professional photos. 

• RESUMES – Your resume should be current at all times with professional work, training and advanced-level skills. If you have improv, hosting or voiceover listed as a skill, please be sure to include details on your training. Commercial/print work does not belong on your resume, you should simply write “Conflicts available upon request.” 

• VIDEOS – You should have video footage on all casting profiles that we can include with submissions. This can include reels, slate shots, personality interviews, etc. Footage of your special skills (i.e. singing, drumming, karate, etc.) is also highly recommended. If you have hosting experience, you must upload your hosting reel. 

• DIGITALS – For print modeling, we need updated digitals/Polaroids on file for you at all times – please send us updated digitals every month at the very least, or any time your appearance changes in any way.


Commercials@apollotalentmanagement.commonthly photos of yourself (taken on a digital camera/mobile phone) both full body and close up shots against a plain background, in form-fitting clothing without patterns/logos and keep your hair down with make-up/styling natural.